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Healthy lifestyle Essay

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A persons health is measured in various methods and achievements, whether it is measured by weight, levels of stress, or just overall quality of life. People are relentlessly searching for the most efficient way to be more physically, nutritionally, and emotionally fit. On this quest for superior health there are four habits that need to be recognized to reach this goal, and they are smoking, drinking, overeating, and exercising. (Berger, 502).

Cigarette smoking is a common, unhealthy habit among American adults. With 20.8% of all adults smoking, its the most preventable cause of death in the US, making up one in every five deaths this year. (Center for Disease Control & Prevention, n.d.). It not only significantly increases your chance at getting lung cancer; it also increases the rate for getting cancer of the bladder, kidneys, mouth and stomach. (Berger, 503). These deaths are preventable by people quitting smoking. There are over-the-counter medications, prescription medications, as well as just cold turkey to quit smoking.

Alcohol is another drug that can lead to bad health. Alcohol can produce significant problems with the lever, heart, stomach and increases the likelihood of getting cancer. (Berger, 504). With this danger, groups have been founded to help stop using alcohol. The most familiar group is Alcoholics Anonymous. Alcoholics Anonymous was founded in 1935, has no affiliation to any company, government, or private enterprise, and only requires the members to have the want to stop drinking. (Alcoholics Anonymous World Services, 2008).

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Overeating and obesity is a common health problem among Americans today. We live in a very hectic world with just as frantic schedules. With the onset of the technological world and hectic schedules, fast food restaurants have found their ideal target. With consumers not having to even get out of their cars to super-size their double quarter-pounder has made us obese. There is a solution to this problem though. Through a reasonable amount of caloric intake of the right foods and a moderate, convenient exercise plan American can win the battle of the bulgeExercise is a very proactive way of increasing ones health. Many people exercise to lose weight, but the benefits of exercise is vast. Regular physical activity can reduce your risk for several diseases and conditions and improve your overall quality of life. Regular physical activity can help protect you from the following health problems: hypertension, heart disease, and diabetes. (Berger, 507).


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