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Interactive Writing Essay

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Animated productions and video games offer customers a world to get lost in. In this world, creative writing plays an integral role producing an atmosphere that progresses and sustains fluidity. Although graphics and user controls are typically the talk of animated production writing is just as significant. Without creative writing these worlds of animation might be a little bleaker and less interactive. Graphics would have no bearings if they did not have a background of description to be created from. Game and Production writers play a crucial role in the development of the media.

Video games usually have paths to follow, and offering misdirection, speed bumps and challenges to overcome. It takes a large amount of skill to transfer ideas into a media, and that is where developers come in, but if they do not have a game plan to follow a mess can occur. Writers are becoming increasingly more involved in the video game and animated production business. In order to efficiently supply these elements a production has to be planned out or time lined.

In this time line, it takes writer’s input to create a structured story which is critical for the flow of the game and the story being portrayed. A well developed story or plot can draw in players to purchase the media and any games that might follow. One writers expresses why a well written video game is more than important, “As gamers age, the complexity of both the plot and the theatric elements tend to resemble short skits along the lines of “Godfather,” leaving the days of Super Mario Brothers long lost in the dust” (Brewer, 2002). Writers are essential in creating a world beyond any gamers’ imagination.

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Typically animated productions or video games are stemmed from a developer’s idea, but it is the writing that carries the developer’s initial thought. It is up to writers to be very descriptive. After the story board and character development it is up to an interactive writer to begin on a script. The script can make or break a game’s potential. A productions script must be carefully combed using effective words that will spark user’s imaginations as well as guide them easily through the set path. A writer must be very descriptive in their script leaving little discrepancy over the visual settings. Also, the game’s story will need to be broken into parts in order to have levels or sense of accomplishment for the user. A article suggests, “There are three main points to the written script: describe the environment; what does everything look like -and what does it feel like, what is the accompanying material, is there music, and sound effects, what are the things that are going to happen, what decisions will be made, and what rooms or areas are the decisions tied to” (Kalif, 2008)?It is the writer’s job to create substance.

If a game is not well put together and has only one path to the end of the media, then it is less likely to be played again. When productions set on a buyer’s shelf it means they are less likely to buy the game when a new version is created. Video game companies now spend sufficient money to hire creative writers. If a gaming company is known for their extraordinary atmospheres, settings, and characters, users are more likely to try games from the company without much knowledge of the particular game. These writers become so involved in their stories, they create more opportunities to make a game company more money with the ability to produce other games, movies, action figures. A video game writer said in an interview, “I fall in love with every game story that I work on, enough so that I can envision countless stories, sequels, movies, and books all emanating from within this one world” (Duffy, 2007).

Animated production and video game writers are essential in the development process. These productions have progressed significantly over the past ten years and a lot of the progression can be accredited to the ever more use of writers. As we have seen, writers take an idea and form it into something more tangible that users can relate to and are drawn to in order to continually play a game. A creative writer can serve in many roles and typically do not get as much credit as the producers or developers, but it is these unsung heroes that provide the developers with an atmosphere and a descriptive setting for their characters. Old games like “Pacman” are fun and can be entertaining, but it is the new games like “Grand Theft Auto” that drive the industry even more toward creative and efficient writing.


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