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The managers, clients, competitors both could got the useful information which they needs from this report. For instance, the mangers could get the information about the advantage of products which is the variety of the products, however, the weakness of the products is the packaging.And the real demand of the clients, brand awareness, product satisfaction and the effectiveness of existing strategies, such as product development strategy, public strategy, packing strategy.But the managers can not get the information about market share of THE BODY SHOP in the cosmetics industry. Because the author could not find this information though the internet.

And for the clients, they can get the disadvantages and advantages of THE BODY SHOP’s product. It helped the clients purchase the products of THE BODY SHOP.But the clients could not get the new information of the product or the introduce the product line, since to the author canceled the product mix strategy.

What is more,the competitors learn from THE BODY SHOP as a model,because the THE BODY SHOP has good reputation in the cosmetics industry and public, due to the successful of the brand strategy of THE BODY SHOP. The competitors could use the same strategy like THE BODY SHOP, For example,THE BODY SHOP uses the value which is against the animal testing in the social marketing strategy. The competitor also can use this value in their own brand strategy. Moreover, THE BODY SHOP also has some weaknesses in the brand strategy, and the competitors could absorb those experiences and do better than THE BODY SHOP, such as the products development strategy of THE BODY SHOP.But the competitors could not get the latest information about financial of THE BODY SHOP,due to the internal financial is the business secret of every company,so the author could not found this information in the internet. Purpose of the report

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This report are mainly introduce the adverting, product development, social marketing and public relation strategy for THE BODY SHOP.Thought this report, the author analysed the packaging and performance strategy in the product development strategy, and the author found that THE BODY SHOP always use the recycle material to produce the packaging of the products,and add the nature ingredient into the products.Then,for the adverting strategy of THE BOYD SHOP. The company uses the welfare adverting supersede business adverting, and it bring the adverting of whole industry forward.In addition, THE BODY SHOP focus on the public relation strategy.The company builded the reputation by donation and welfare activities.What is more, THE BODY SHOP has five code values which are benefited for THE BODY SHOP to take the social marketing strategy.The main feature of five code values is calling for the social pay more attention to the vulnerable groups,although they are poor,female,animals,children even the earth. (4) The selected theory criteria

The author uses the knowledge of brand strategy,public relation strategy, social marketing, adverting strategy, packaging strategy,and product development strategy.And this knowledge is from the HND courses: Marketing An Introduction ,Business Culture and Strategy. Evaluation on timescale

Generally speaking,the author finished this report on time,but the author use much time to analysed the strategy.The author spent more time than the plan on the “Define research objectives4-Brand social marketing strategy”.Because the author researched much background information and the social activity of THE BODY SHOP. And for the “Define research objectives5-Brand product mix strategy”.Since the author replaced this objective with product development strategy,and it spent much time to redo this part.And the author wasted more time in “The advices”.Due to this part needs more information about current market and the current situation of THE BODY SHOP.

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